Wednesday, March 30, 2016

5 Foto Kamera HP Ditolak Clashot

Sebenarnya email dari clashot sudah kuterima kemarin, tanggal 28 & 29 Maret 2016. Berhubung hp ngambek atau hpku error sejak jam 7.00 sd 20.00, 29.3.2016. Mau ke warung internet ga sempat karena urusan lain. Jadi baru sekarang deh, menulis blog lagi. Agar tidak terjadi kesalahpahaman dan mempermudahku menulis. Ya, copad aja deh isi pesannya.


Your Clashot photo#21121214 Locomotive has moved backward with another train in black mirror at line 6, tanah abang train station, jakarta pusat, indonesia. Lokomotif berjalan mundur dengan bayangan kereta lain pada kaca hitamnya di jalur 6, stasiun kereta api tanah abang, jakarta p wasn't approved for sale on Depositphotos because of one of following reasons:


Your Clashot photo#21121172 Burning anti mosquito is somekind of chemical solid to avoid any mosquito's bite, cockroach or even rat at kedaung kaliangke near jalan daanmogot, jakarta barat, indonesia. Obat nyamuk bakar adalah sejenis bahan kimia padat untuk menghindari gigitan nyamu wasn't approved for sale on Depositphotos because of one of following reasons:


Your Clashot photos #21120110,#21120132,#21121184 Edelweiss on the batik table at zamzam dua, srengseng, jakarta barat, dki jakarta, indonesia. were not approved for sale on Depositphotos because of one of following reasons:

1. NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. The image is not suitable for commercial use.

2. –°OMPOSITION PROBLEM. The composition of the image does not meet our quality standards. As a result of image cropping or unsuitable layout, the image cannot be used for commercial purposes.

3. POOR LIGHTING. The photograph contains lighting mistakes. Common lighting mistakes include exposure issues, unintended shadows, white balance issues and imperfect color reproduction.

4. TOO MANY SIMILAR IMAGES OF THE SAME OBJECT. A series of will be accepted only if they are different from each other.
5. IMPROPER ISOLATION. The image must be free from distractions, with shadows correctly isolated from the background. Make sure that the background contains a uniform white color.

6. FOCUS PROBLEM. The image may be blurred, or not properly focused on the object.

7. FORBIDDEN CONTENT. We do not accept pornographic images, nude photographs of minors, images of racism, or images of international or religious conflicts.

8. OVER-FILTERED. We cannot accept images that have been excessively manipulated using editing software and filters.

9. QUALITY PROBLEM, ARTIFACTS. Your image does not meet our quality standards: the file exhibits artifacts when viewed at full size.

10. NOISE, PIXELATION, POOR QUALITY. When viewed at full size, the image has obvious, unnatural quality issues.

11. FOREIGN/MISCELLANEOUS WORDS OR PHRASES. The image should not contain inappropriate words or phrases such as a telephone number, the date the picture was taken, the author's name or e-mail, or other contact information.

12. CHROMATIC ABERRATION. Photo has abnormal color distortions or unintended halos around objects within the image.

13. IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION. The image contains identifiable information, resulting in privacy concerns.


Mengenai alasannya, satu, dua atau malah keempat-belas alasan penolakan fotoku ditolak. Maklum deh, pakai kamera hp I9060 merk mas samsul. ☺

Semoga bermanfaat...

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