Thursday, September 17, 2015

Installing 20 wp solar pv panel at waduk Cirata

It is my second time to visit mang Dewa or my enyang. I have installed 20 wp solar pv panel with 4 led dc lamp to give more lighting to Syechi's freshwater fisheries at waduk Cirata, cipendeuy area, bandung barat.

1 led dc lamp at southside saung .

1 led dc lamp at southside saung.

Oops! 1 led dc lamp has not been installed because it was shorted. And i have to replace for a new one.

1 led dc 3 watt at northen tip of saung.

20 wp solar pv pabel at saung rooftop from different angle.

20 wp solar pv panel at saung's rooftop.

Syechi with beautiful views at background.

Syeci has paraban nila while mang Enyang has cleaning up eceng gondok.

taufiks was laughing at mang Enyang who has taken this picture saying funny stories.

Mang Rudi has nila fish and release it to kolam.

Mang Haji Udi has nila merah for lunch at Syechi's kolam.

Bang Alfian, neighboring fisherman from Bangka has nila merah ready for barbeque.

After lunch, mang Enyang paraban nila fish.

While mang Haji Udi has sleeping peacefully. He has kasebeuhan.

taufiks was talking with mang enyang and mang Rudi was fishing on bargas (passenger boat).

Nice views at background, isn't?


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