Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Create A Bitcoin Address

I have one, but i forgot my bitcoin address and password. So, i create a new bitcoin address.

Go to bitcoin.com, choose create a wallet.

Clicking on see all wallets on featured wallets area.

I prefer blockchain.info but landed on blockchain.com. I have chosen create a new wallet and redirecting to blockchain.info.

Fill in email address, password and comfirmed password based on alphabet, number and symbol. After reading bitcoin wallet terms of services and policies in pdf format.

Open your inbox and clicking on verification email link.

Viola, you have a new bitcoin address or bitcoin wallet.

I am using blogger apps from google play. Easy tool and powerful.

taufiks bitcoin wallet is 1PFXjZWrdmLh4Qm8yQRBsDDHQPciFKs8qZ

Happy mining!



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