Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Oh Lynkar

Dear members,
Our host provider( encountered host controller issues in Jan 10-11th.

Pls see more details here:

This caused our server files to crash.

These days we are standing by with server staff to solve this issue.

But unfornately, we are told the database has bad damage and they are not able to restore it.

The worst thing is that Asmallorange did not make daily backups from our site as they claimed:

Daily Backups:

Automated daily backups ensure that your data is safe against calamity.

Your website and information are safely stored and can be retrieved whenever they are needed.

Now the last available backups are a few weeks old.

What we are doing now?

The damaged databases are downloaded,

a third party is invited to investiage and restore.

If this does not succeed,

we need to rebuild the site manually together with you guys.

It takes our more than 1 years to figure out lynkar mode. It takes our daily efforts to improve Lynkar.

Especially recent months we have managed to make payments and answer tickets all within 24hours,

and register our company in Hongkong.

But unfornately we did not expect this servercrash nor the lacking of backups, we are also sorry site has been down for so many days...

We will try anything thats possible to restore the site fully back to the original,

any progress we will update here.

The announcement would be found on

These words are interesting," we need to rebuild the site manually together with you guys."

It would be better to put your email address for lynkar member to help you out.



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