Saturday, June 28, 2014

Using Your Points To Upgrade Membership

At CashNHits, clicking on Points Manager in sub menu Account Menu left bar.

Join taufiks @CashNHits and be active

Scroll down and choosing on CNH V4 Point Upgrade Membership with benefits
# 1 Month Membership
# 30% PTC Downline Earnings
# 10% Video Ads Downline Earnings
# 5% Like Ads Downline Earnings
# 3% Autosurf Downline Earnings
# 110% Earning per view from Autosurf
# 105% Max Daily Views for Autosurf
# 1% Bonus Of Referral\'s Purchases
# 1% Bonus When Referral\'s Upgrade
# 125% PTP CPM
# 5000 Banner Credits
# 10000 F.Ad. Credits
# Many Premium Ads To Click
# All Premium Member Benefits

Clicking on Purchase Item,

 Join taufiks @CashNHits and be activeClicking on Purchase button, to purchase CNH V4 Point Upgrade Membership using points.

Join taufiks @CashNHits and be active

Oops!... You do not have enough funds for this purchase! has showing up.



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