Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nice Lynkar Forum Invitation

 Join taufiks and be active on lynkar

Dear members,

It is glad to announce that Lynkar forum has been integrated into Here we have a special board for deal with Lynkar business.

Besides brings a new community for online money making communication. Lucici includes PTC, HYIP, AD NETWORKING, FOREX,etc. We invite elite money maker in different online money making industry to make guide, and our members are very welcome to share your experience. In brief, Let's grow up together.

Here we add a new TOS in Lynkar that it is needed to post your payment proof to recieve your next payment. Pls check our TOS 6.2. Pls kindly register to make a new account in, and start your new experience with Lynkar Group.

Have a good weekend!

Lynkar Group

 Join taufiks and be active on lynkar

6. Payments to users in term of services (tos)

6.2. Payments can only be requested once every X days ( depeneds on your account type. For more information visit Upgrade page).



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