Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lynkar's Autopay and Recycle

Lynkar's autopay and recyle is two different concept.

Autopay is:
If you triggered AutoPay Enable, then, if a RR clicks an ad , the AutoPay value will be deducted from your purchase balance and 1 extra day will be added to the remaining days of that RR.With this option you will pay your referral with a discount of 10% in 30 days.

Recyle is:
If you find your RR is a little lazy or do not want to work, so you have the option to replace the old RR with a new one.

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To recyle one RR for standard or golden is $0.07. As seen on Upgrade section.

Join taufiks with confidence at lynkar

Autopay is $0.006 if you have RR from 0 to 250. As seen on FAQ.

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