Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cashnhits news: Disabling PTP Link!

Very Very Urgent!! Disabling PTP Link - Jan 14, 2013

Very Very Urgent!! Disabling PTP Link

Hello Members, sorry about the Recent SERVER Issues, but we are really not able to detect the bottleneck but e feel its because of the PTP (Paid to Promote) especially with 500K+ Hits per day to it..

So we will be DISABLING PTP for 1-3 days and see how it goes..

So please we would ask all members to pause/replace their PTP links (and can use normal link etc) for next few days..

The PTP link is still Active and will disable in 12-24 hours so that you still have time to replace them and do not suffer any loss..

We are extremely sorry for such issues, but once we find the bottleneck then hopefully it will be much easier to fix the issue..

Thanks for your support and cooperation..

Thanks & Best Regards..

Julia & Saket

Source: cashnhits.com


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