Thursday, August 23, 2012

Traffic G - Is This Your Diary?

TrafficG - Is this your diary? has received in my inbox at 23 August 2012, 21:56

Hi Taufik, I just got hold of this top secret diary and thought you might be interested in seeing it, I cannot reveal where its from but its very hot. the word on the street is this is the diary of a real marketing guru.

Monday I'm surfing at TrafficG today, I could win 3000 extra credits tomorrow.

Tuesday Feed the cat, oh and remember to visit TrafficG, I could win 3000 extra credits tomorrow if I surf.

Wednesday I'm feeling a little down today, I hope I get those credits, I could do with 3000 extra.

Thursday Polish the Ferrari. I'm getting lots of great traffic, and I could win 3000 more tomorrow :-)

Friday I cannot believe it, woohoo, I've got that Friday feeling today.

Saturday Yes Yes Yes, I'm surfing TG again today, I bet those 3000 credits will be mine tomorrow.

Sunday I'm having a day off today and just doing a little light surfing at TG, It's Monday tomorrow, I will be back.

It's as simple as that .. 1 credit per site viewed (plus an extra 10%) and you could win extra credits EVERYDAY SURF NOW

Thank you for surfing TrafficG and making it the best :-)

Peter Kelly


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