Thursday, August 9, 2012

Important News: PTP Program Removed

Following the possibility of buy earning units ( remember that buy buying only 1 earning units every login of yours get paid 0.01$ instead of 0.001$ ) i chose to remove the PTP program, PTP program was thought to give a possibility to earn some more but now with earning units there is no need anymore for a such option. Also because of traffic i received is extremely low quality and doesn't produce results, if i have to pay for traffic then i know from which sources to buy quality traffic at very low rates. With this i don't want to sound arrogant and neither to offend someone. But now PTP is the thing of the past.

Paidtologin is a way to get free advertising and to earn for free, for those who wants to earn more there are upgrade possibilities so who is not good at making referrals can produce a decent income from the site, the 10 levels referral program offer the possibility to earn on others and if everyone logins then the income produced can be good.

I don't have much to say at this point and so i wish you good earnings with

Take care,
Paidtologin's Administrator


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