Friday, July 20, 2012

Important News From PaidToLogin dot com

Important News from Changed Payment System
Hi everyone, i changed payment system. Right now payza, paypal are accepted but have a minimum of 1$ while you can get paid at 0.01 on LibertyReserve. The reason of this change is because LR ( libertyreserve ) allows me to make payments in an automated way while with paypal i manually processed every single payments with all the errors that can come from this. I tried to automate the payment system with Paypal but while they have an excellent support system ( they reply in a couple of days at maximum ) they didn't allow me to automate the system, they didn't deny it but they said that they will evaluate the thing and will let me know in case they approve otherwise nothing. I have been forced to switch to LR that is less known of paypal but that in the HYIP programs, PTC, Bux and other online games is very well known. They don't have a referral system :o( so just join them and use them they have very low fees and the withdrawal in is immediate, after you click the button you receive your money instantly. Is it not a good news ?
The minimum is still 0.01$ ( only via LR ) but i gently ask you to not ask this everytime you reach 0.01$, if it's possible for you this of course, because they take 0.01$ as a fee so i have to pay each member the double because 0.01$ is for the member that has made the withdraw and the other cent is for LR for the transfer. Other thing is that i still maintain the PTP program for everyone of you, many people view this as the main making money opportunity offered from and so i caught people sending lot of fake traffic or people creating multilple accounts ( one has been able to create 500 accounts in a blink of an eye obviously with a software ) but all these system don't work with and i get the cheaters, i delete their accounts and i forfeit all their earnings. The PTP opportunity must be viewed like a 33.3% discount that you get on the advertising that you buy on other sites. For example in a site like you buy a package 1.000 visitors for 0.03$ then since pays you 1 cent for every 1000 visitors you send then you buy at 0.02$ and that cent is 33.3% on your buy.
The earning power of paidtologin is not the PTP program but its referral system that if you couple with services like or can give you some bucks. I'll not tolerate anymore who send fake traffic to the site. Will be paidtologin a scam ? No, never. I can proudly say this because the money i make is more than the money i spend. There are not many legit sites and is proudly one of them.
Take care,
Flaminio Ranzato's Administrator


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