Monday, June 18, 2012

Good News From PaidToLogin dot com

News from now each login is paid the double of before

Hi Friends ( yes, you are my friends and hope you think me your friend too :o) ), i have good news for you: i doubled what each login is paid, so no more 0.0005$ per each login but exactly the double that is 0.001$ and this is what the other ptc/bux sites pay per each site viewed. I though to remove the PTP program but instead i decided to keep it, for everyone that joins this program is known since today that every login is paid 0.001$ and that in just 10 days can cash out at 0.01$ with paypal or even before if takes adavantage of the PTP program. I'll pay you double since today and i hope that the site will work better since now. Thanx for your attention...

Take care, Flaminio Ranzato's Administrator

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