Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stop Spamming!

I have problems when trying to login on, thanks to StopSpamForum and look what i've found:

IP Whois -

% Whois data copyright terms APNIC

inetnum: - netname: InternetInfrastructure2 descr: Proxy Outgoing and Internet Infrastructure country: ID admin-c: HG198-AP tech-c: HG198-AP status: ASSIGNED NON-PORTABLE changed: 20110307 mnt-by: MAINT-ID-NTS mnt-irt: IRT-NTS-ID source: APNIC

person: Hendra Gunawan nic-hdl: HG198-AP e-mail: address: Menara DEA 2 Kawasan Mega Kuningan address: Mega Kuningan Barat Kav. E4.3 No.2 Jakarta 12950 phone: +62-21-5760880 fax-no: +62-21-5762933 country: ID changed: 20060116 changed: 20110301 mnt-by: MAINT-ID-NTS source: APNIC

Source: StopSpamForum

Monday, April 23, 2012

What Could You Do On Tezak Traffic Power TE

What Could You Do On Tezak Traffic Power?

An interesting question would came up after you've signing up on Tezak Traffic Power Traffic Exchange. You could followed my steps:
1) Login on;

2) Click on bottom of pages if you want to skip the ads 3 or 2 times;
3) Look at left side of pages, Click on Winner and Claim your prizes;
4) Click on Start Surfing on left side of pages;
5) Wait until 5 seconds on every ads and watch carefully every 15 ads that you've got, there is prizes;
6) On 50 advertisinf pages or more, click on option box click on member area and click on winner again.
7) On 150 advertising pages or more, do as same as number six;
8) After 250 advertising pages, i do as same as number 6. And go to logout on left side. If you want to continue clicking on ads, please do.
9) The end of my steps. And start again from beginning ob the next day.
Happy clicking on Tezak Traffic Power Traffic Exchange;

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good News from Polar Bear TE

These are 2 replied email from admin of and both are good news.

One about Alertpay is accepted and another is getting back 500 sites visited today.

Ed :) admin, thanks!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

30 Seconds Payment

I've got cash from by clicking on Redeem button. And wait for 30 seconds.

Then i have received You've got cash! email from Payment has been made faster than,'s sister.

Monday, April 16, 2012

125,000 Banner Impression On PolarBearTE

Login at Polar Bear Traffic Exchange, surf up to 250 sites viewed today and clicking on convert credits on Website credits as seen as image below.

Click on Navigation and Account Home, look at Banner/TextAd credits is 125,000 = 5,000 credits x 25.

Open new tab, login at, clicking on Referral center, copy your referral link and paste to Website url on Polar Bear Traffic Exchange. On Polar Bear Traffic Exchange side, click on Tools and Add 468x60 banners. Do copy paste to Banner Url. Assign banner credits = 25,000. Logout on side.

Open new tab, login at, clicking on Referral center, copy your referral link and paste to Website url on Polar Bear Traffic Exchange. On Polar Bear Traffic Exchange side, click on Tools and Add 468x60 banners. Do copy paste to Banner Url. Assign banner credits = 100,000. Logout on side.

And i am posting my 100,000's banner impression on Get Paid Review Forum.

PTC Box's Ads

After i am logging in PTC Box, go directly to PAID-to-CLICKS, and clicking on ads with Unvisited as seen as image below. Wait until your 20 seconds timer is ended and your chosen color is appeared.

Setelah login di PTC Box, langsung klik PAID-to-CLICKS, dan klik iklan yang bertuliskan Unvisited seperti gambar di bawah ini. Tunggu sampai 20 detik dan pilihan warna muncul.

Clicking Ads On AyaEmailsdotcom

Just follow my steps:

1) Assumed you are already a member of If you are not member, sign up or register here.
2) Login.
3) Click on Earning Options, choose My Inbox and click on My Inbox button in red color.

4) Click on one paid mail, it will be opening a new window with one or more paid email.
5) Click on blue line wait until you have cash or credit on your account.
6) If you want to have more cash or credits. Just click on upright ads with cash or credits on the bottom as seen as image below.

Keep clicking!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Maximize My Surf On Polar Bear TE

To maximize my surf on Polar Bear Traffic Exchange is clicking on advertisement up to 125 credits on Polar Bear Traffic Exchange as maximize value for free member like me.

Untuk memaksimalkan surf-ku di Polar Bear Traffic Exchange adalah dengan terus klik iklan atau advertisement sampai mencapai 125 credits di Polar Bear Traffic Exchange sebagai value maksimal untuk free member seperti saya.

Oerip 08's Blog Pageviews Images

These image taken from Oerip 08's blog. This Oerip 08's pageviews image is taken from
And This Oerip 08's pageviews image is taken from which has placed on Oerip 08's blog.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Get linked in Get Paid Review

Oerip 08's blog has linked as a blog on Get Paid Review Forum which has owned by PTC Box. I hope i could get more referral, more friends, more followers and more pageviewers, so my alexa rank would be sexy to advertisers. Blog Oerip 08 sudah terhubung sebagai blog di Get Paid Review Forum yang dimiliki oleh PTC Box. Saya berharap bisa punya banyak referrals, banyak teman, banyak follower dan banyak pageviewer atau pengunjung, semoga alexa rank blog Oerip 08 terlihat seksi buat advertiser atau pengiklan.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oerip 08 on AyaEmailsdotcom

Alhamdulillah, good news. My Oerip 08 advertisement has been processed on Alhamdulillah, kabar baik. Iklan Oerip 08 sudah diproses di

Violating on my own agreement?

Dear ****** Username: ******* Your site Oerip 08, has been found to be in violation of your agreement with The TrafficG Network. Reason: Site contains content of Bad, Offensive, Pornographic, Warez, Violent nature, Virus or other. This site has now been removed from TrafficG and your credits put back into your account. Please remain within the terms of The TrafficG Network, as listed on our site. An email from TrafficG on April 8th, 2012; 3:10 server time. A bad news on sunday morning jakarta time. Two thumbs down to anyone who is violating my blog, Oerip 08. Hey, it has happened. I should take a lesson of this incident.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Daftar di

Untuk menambahkan Alexa, saya lakukan: 1) Ketik; 2) Klik tulisan create account di pojok kanan atas, diasumsikan kamu belum menjadi anggota alexa. 3) Klik link pada email konfirmasi dari alexa pada inbox kamu.
4) Ketik password yang kamu inginkan. 5) Selesai! Bisa langsung akses

Deleting my account on Dolphins-mail

Yes! I am deleting my account on because i would like to make money on the Internet than collecting points. These my action: 1) Login to; 2) Click on My User Info; 3) Go down to Cancel Your Account Here, type my password and click on DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT? -Sorry, capital letter as written as; 4) Done! Ya! Saya menghapus akun di karena saya lebih suka menghasilkan uang Intenet daripada sekedar mengumpulkan poin. Inilah aksi yang saya lakukan: 1) Login ke; 2) Klik My User Info; 3) Turun ke bawah ke bagian Cancel Your Account Here, type my password and click on DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT? -Maaf, pakai huruf besar sama seperti yang tertulis di; 4) Selesai!

Oerip 08's blogs has more than 5,000 pageviews

Oerip 08's blogs has been reached out more than 5,000 pageviews. Blog Oerip 08 telah menembus angka 5.000 pageviews. Alhamdulillah.

Adult Rates Has Raised Up on Linkbucks

Hello, We've got some great news for you! Just this week, we have increased the adult rates by a huge 25 percent! This is one of the biggest rate increases for adult that we've done in a while. You should be able to log into your account and see the increase in profits on your reporting right away. Well what are you waiting for? Go out there and make some big bucks! Don't forget to drop by the forums to provide feedback and address any of your questions. The forums feature up to date guides and advice on how to get the most out of Linkbucks as a user and advertiser, whether you're a noob or expert. It is an amazing resource for people like you who want to make money on the Internet. Regards, This email has been received on April 7th, 2012; 3:12 in my inbox with subject: Major Linkbucks Publisher Rate Increases.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good News! From AyaEmailsdotcom

Good news from which has informed me as #5 on march clicking contest. Kabar baik dari yang memberi info bahwa aku peringkat ke 5 dalam kontes klik bulan maret lalu.